Hilger Crystals

Hilger Crystals have a long established history in the supply of high quality synthetic crystals for infrared spectroscopy and X and gamma ray detection.

Materials such as Potassium Bromide, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Fluoride etc are available for infrared optics up to several tens of centimeters in size.

X ray detector materials suitable for x and gamma ray detection and imaging such as Sodium Iodide, Cesium Iodide, Bismuth Germanate, Cadmium Tungstate, Zinc Tungstate, etc are available in a variety of geometries including 2 dimensional and linear arrays with pixel sizes as small as 75 microns.

The majority of products can be supplied with short lead times to custom design requirements.

Jim Telfer

Hilger Crystals is part of the Dynasil Corporation, a rapidly growing manufacturer of specialized instruments and products for a broad range of applications and markets in the medical, industrial and homeland security /defense sectors.

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