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Hilger Crystals evolved from Adam Hilger (founded in 1874) and has a well-established history and proven reputation for producing high-quality, commercial-grade synthetic scintillation crystals used in infrared spectroscopy and state-of-the-art detection solutions. Hilger’s ability to grow synthetic crystals in large volumes and to incredibly demanding specifications is further boosted by their close collaboration with customers — a practice that has proven successful from prototyping new research to wide-reaching commercial engagements.

Hilger produces an extensive range of scintillation crystals carefully selected for their high density and brightness, excellent light output, and short decay constants. Crystals are available as linear and two-dimensional arrays in sizes from 5mm to 200mm, and can be coupled to a position sensitive PMT, CCD array, SiPM, or linear photodiode to form a complete detector assembly.

Headquartered in Margate, Kent in the United Kingdom, applications utilising Hilger’s products include baggage scanners, x-ray detectors, gamma ray detectors, non-destructive testing, medical imaging, academic research, and commercial research.

Crystal Compass

Hilger offers a wide range of scintillation crystals to suit a variety of applications in defence, security, and healthcare. Whether you seek crystals for their decay constant, density, peak scintillation wavelength, or light yield, Hilger has you covered. Use the Crystal Compass to find the crystal that’s best suited for your radiation detection application.

Find Your Ideal Scintillation Crystal

  • Radiation detection
  • Radiation imaging
  • Infrared spectroscopy
  • X-ray detection
  • Medical (X-ray) imaging (PET/SPECT)
  • Baggage scanning
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Academic and commercial research
Jim Telfer, Managing Director

Managing Director

Jim Telfer

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Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment Manager

Dr. Keith B Hutton

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Business Development Manager

Lee Lythe

Adrian Smith, Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager

Adrian Smith

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Product Engineer

John Fish

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Production Manager

Liam Phelan

Aran Blacklocks, Research and Development Scientist

Research and Development Scientist

Dr. Aran Blacklocks

Robbie Telfer, Financial Controller

Financial Controller

Robbie Telfer

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