Sodium Iodide

The material is hydroscopic and emits at short wavelengths. Finds applications in research areas such as Dark Matter as it can be produced very radiopure.

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Cleavage Planes(100)
Decay Constant (ns)230
Density (
Emission Spectral Range (nm)275-375
Gamma and X-ray absorption coefficients (cm-1)0.29 at 660keV
5.5 at 100KeV
Melting Point (K)924
Peak Scintillation Wavelength (nm)300
Radiation Length (cm)2.59
Refractive Index at Peak Emission1.8
Solubility (g/100g H2O @ 300K)184.2
StabilityVery Hygroscopic
Thermal Conductivity (W·m-1·K-1) @ 300K3.47
Transmission Range (nm)250-350
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