Synthetic Optical and Scintillation Crystals

Hilger Crystals evolved from Adam Hilger (founded in 1874) and has a well-established history and proven reputation for producing high-quality, commercial-grade synthetic scintillation crystals used in infrared spectroscopy and state-of-the-art radiation detection solutions. Hilger’s ability to grow synthetic crystals in large volumes and to incredibly demanding specifications is further boosted by their close collaboration with customers — a practice that has proven successful from prototyping new research to wide-reaching commercial engagements.

“Current supply issues with synthetic crystals for infra-red and X ray detection applications have been severely disrupted by the situation in Ukraine.

Hilger crystals will do all it can to assist in the supply of the materials affected in order that end users can continue business  “as usual” as far as possible

If we cannot supply, we will assist with identifying another supplier

Please feel free to  contact us  with your requirements

Tel +44 1843 231166  email

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