Hilger Crystals’ Arrays Enable High-Speed Baggage Scanning

Hilger Crystals supplies synthetic crystal arrays for state-of-the-art, high speed X-ray baggage and cargo screening at security checkpoints e.g. airports and sea ports.

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Hilger supplied CsI(Tl) Crystals to satisfy the BABAR project at SLAC in 2000

BABAR is a particle physics experiment designed to study some of the most fundamental questions about the universe by exploring its smallest and most basic constituents – elementary particles. Originally, the main question motivating the construction of BABAR was “What are the differences between matter and antimatter and do these differences explain why the universe contains matter and essentially no antimatter?”

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Hilger Crystals Supplies Sodium Iodide Crystals for the EMI Scanner CT5000

The EMI Scanner CT5000, was the first commercially available computed tomography (CT) whole body scanner. It was developed by Sir Godfrey Hounsfield. Hilger supplied the synthetic crystals for the scanner which made the first CT images of the human brain.

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Hilger Crystals Develops X-ray Detection Crystals for British Government

Hilger Crystals was awarded the contract to develop X-ray detection crystals for the British government. By 1968, Hilger Crystals was specializing in emission spectroscopy and scintillation crystals.


Hilger Crystals Founded

Hilger Crystals, a Dynasil CompanyHilger Crystals evolved from Adam Hilger (founded in 1874) to manufacture precision optical and mechanical instruments. Manufacturing was set up in London with a few employees who specialized in the manufacture of precision optical and mechanical instruments. Today, Hilger Crystals has a well-established history and proven reputation for producing high-quality, commercial-grade synthetic crystals used in infrared spectroscopy and state-of-the-art scintillation and detection solutions.

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