Sodium Iodide


A rugged material with high light output often used for geophysical applications. Does exhibit moisture sensitive properties.


Cleavage Planes: None
Decay Constant (ns): 630
Density ( 4.51
Emission Spectral Range (nm): 325-575
Gamma and X-ray absorption coefficients (cm-1): 0.48 at 660keV
10.00 at 100KeV
Melting Point (K): 894
Peak Scintillation Wavelength (nm): 420
Photons/MeV: 38500
Radiation Length (cm): 1.86
Refractive Index at Peak Emission: 1.84
Solubility (g/100g H2O @ 300K): 44.0
Stability: Deliquescent
Structure: Cubic