Potassium Bromide


Potassium Bromide is one of the most useful materials for general purpose spectroscopic windows and applications where sensitivity to moisture is unimportant. KBr is the most commonly used beamsplitter material for IR spectrophotometers.


Absorption Coefficient (cm-1): 1.6x10-4 at 3.8µ
Apparent Elastic Limit (MPa): 1.1
Bulk Modulus (K) (GPa): 15.03
Cleavage Planes: (100)
Density (g.cm-3): 2.75
Dielectric Constant: 4.9 at 1MHz
Elastic Coefficient C11: 34.5
Elastic Coefficient C12: 5.4
Elastic Coefficient C44: 5.08
Hardness (knoop): 7
Melting Point (K): 1003
Poisson Ratio: 0.203
Reflection Loss (%): 8.3 at 10µ
Refractive Index: 1.53 at 10µ
Restrahlen Peak (µ): 77.6
Shear Modulus (G) (GPa): 5.08
Solubility (g/100g H2O): 53.48 at 273K
Specific Heat Capacity (J·kg·m-1·K-1): 435
Stability: Hygroscopic
Structure: Cubic
Thermal Conductivity (W·m-1·K-1): 4.816 at 319K
Youngs Modulus (E) (GPa): 26.8
Thermal Expansion (K-1 at 300K): 43x10-6
Transmission Range (µ): 0.23-25